UK (BBC and ITV) World Cup TV Schedule

You know the World Cup’s about to start when every supermarket in the country is full of blokes filling up the shopping trolley with crates of beer, Doritos and disposable barbecues. And they’re not just being optimistic about the British summer! England-mania has gripped the nation, with St.George’s flags on cars, rooftops, shaved heads and even Downing Street.

They’ll all be tuning in to BBC and ITV over the next month, with former World Cup hero Gary Lineker leading the line on the beeb, while Adrian Chiles has recently jumped ship to front ITV’s operation. Both stations could have saved a fortune though – no-one will hear them for the vuvuzelas anyway!

Here’s the UK 2010 World Cup TV schedule:

TV coverage (all times BST)
June 11
1500: South Africa v Mexico (Soccer City, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
1930: Uruguay v France (Cape Town) -BBC One
June 12
1230: South Korea v Greece (Port Elizabeth) – ITV 1
1500: Argentina v Nigeria (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) – BBC One
1930: England v US (Rustenburg) – ITV 1
June 13
1230: Algeria v Slovenia (Polokwane)- BBC One
1500: Serbia v Ghana (Pretoria) – ITV 1
1930: Germany v Australia (Durban) – ITV 1
June 14
1230: Holland v Denmark (Soccer City, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
1500: Japan v Cameroon (Bloemfontein)- BBC One
1930: Italy v Paraguay (Cape Town)- BBC One
June 15
1230: New Zealand v Slovakia (Rustenburg)- BBC One
1500: Ivory Coast v Portugal (Port Elizabeth) – ITV 1
1930: Brazil v North Korea (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
June 16
1230: Honduras v Chile (Nelspruit) – ITV 1
1500: Spain v Switzerland (Durban)- BBC One
1930: South Africa v Uruguay (Pretoria)- BBC One
June 17
1230: Argentina v South Korea (Soccer City, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
1500: Greece v Nigeria (Bloemfontein)- BBC One
1930: France v Mexico (Polokwane)- BBC One
June 18
1230: Germany v Serbia (Port Elizabeth)- BBC One
1500: Slovenia v US (Ellis Park, Johannesburg)- BBC One
1930: England v Algeria (Cape Town) – ITV 1
June 19
1230: Holland v Japan (Durban) – ITV 1
1500: Ghana v Australia (Rustenburg)- BBC One
1930: Cameroon v Denmark (Pretoria) – ITV 1
June 20
1230: Slovakia v Paraguay (Bloemfontein)- BBC One
1500: Italy v New Zealand (Nelspruit) – ITV 1
1930: Brazil v Ivory Coast (Soccer City, Johannesburg)- BBC One
June 21
1230: Portugal v North Korea (Cape Town)- BBC One
1500: Chile v Switzerland (Port Elizabeth)- BBC One
1930: Spain v Honduras (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) – ITV
June 22
1500: Mexico v Uruguay (Rustenburg) – ITV 1
1500: France v South Africa (Bloemfontein) – ITV 1
1930: Nigeria v South Korea (Durban)- BBC One
1930: Greece v Argentina (Polokwane) – BBC One
June 23
1500: Slovenia v England (Port Elizabeth)- BBC One
1500: US v Algeria (Pretoria)- BBC One
1930: Australia v Serbia (Nelspruit) – ITV 1
1930: Ghana v Germany (Soccer City, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
June 24
1500: Slovakia v Italy (Ellis Park, Johannesburg) – ITV 1
1500: Paraguay v New Zealand (Polokwane) – ITV 1
1930: Denmark v Japan (Rustenburg)- BBC One
1930: Cameroon v Holland (Cape Town) – BBC One
June 25
1500: Portugal v Brazil (Durban)- BBC One
1500: North Korea v Ivory Coast (Nelspruit)- BBC One
1930: Chile v Spain (Pretoria) – ITV 1
1930: Switzerland v Honduras (Bloemfontein) – ITV 1


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