South Korea Claims First Win of 2010 World Cup

South Korea 2 – Greece 0

Greg Neville: THE highlight (singular) of this clash was seeing Manchester United midfielder Park Ji Sung slice through the Greece backline like butter to score Korea’s second goal. That gave the Koreans their first World Cup win on foreign soil and the honour of the first victory in South Africa. Greece was embarrassing. That’s four games, four losses in the World Cup as the 2004 Euro champs crumble like Greek feta on the big stage. I didn’t believe so prior to this game but this disgraceful performance has me thinking the Greeks are a chance of being the worst performed team in South Africa. [ad#as2]

Peter Howard: Greece lost this game, and looked dismal doing it. Korea took full advantage of the Greek defense failing to mark to score off a set piece in the first half. Then a ball handling blunder early in the second really took the wind out of the Greek sails. A mightily disappointing performance by Greece and a harsh reminder of just how much time has passed since Euro 2004.

Alex Michaels: I was looking forward to seeing the pace of the South Koreans and they didn’t disappoint in their opener. Pin-up boy Park Ji-Sung (as the ITV commentators described him) was the hero with a brilliant finish for the second goal, and they fully deserved their three points. Greece, on the other hand, always rely on defending a lead, so this desperately highlighted the need for a plan B for Otto’s men. Good start for the Koreans, great chance for them to progress now.

Lee Jung Soo ‘7; Park Ji Sung ‘52


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