Buy an Official World Cup Soccer Ball (adidas)

 The strikers love them, the goalkeepers hate them, but whatever the pro’s at the 2010 Football World Cup think about it or however controversial they become, you can find out for yourself by getting your kicks with the official adidas Jabulani soccer ball.

The word itself means ‘to celebrate’ in Zulu, and FIFA says it comprises of “eight thermally bonded 3D panels that have been, for the first time ever, spherically molded to make this ball a perfectly round football that is more accurate than ever before.” Unlike Robert Green, you can get your hands on an official adidas Jabulani as used in South Africa for $149.99, with its 11 colours said to represent “each team player, every official South African language and each of the 11 South African communities”.

But if you can’t stretch that far, don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives on offer. You can still get an official Jabulani Soccer Ball for $49.99, with replica balls, mini-balls, yellow training balls and five-a-side balls all available for affordable and cheaper prices.

The sleak-looking ball that will be used for the final, which contains a gold design, also catches the eye, as does the silver 3D effect ball. If you’re running a team and need more than one, you can get a pack of six replica balls on offer for the sale price of $149.99, or you can go the distance with a pack of 16 on sale at $269.99.

If you do get one, let us know what you think!

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