Australian (SBS) World Cup TV Schedule

Let the boss know that for the next month you might be a bit tired and cranky at work but it will be all worth it if the Socceroos can provide the excitement of their 2006 run.

Should Australia advance out of its challenging group stage with Germany, Ghana and Serbia, the old enemy England could await in the knockout stage. But to watch it Down Under you’ll have a few late nights and some early starts.

Here’s your comprehensive SBS World Cup TV schedule. We’ve got all the dates/times in ET so that you don’t have to figure out the time difference with South Africa.

There’s a few group matches with a 9.30pm kick-off but the Aussies only got 12am and 4.30am starts so it will either be a few beers and midnight snacks or coffee and vegemite toast while cheering on the Socceroos.

It all gets underway on Friday night, June 11 and you won’t have to wait long for Australia’s first match of the tournament. Set the alarm clock – Monday, June 14 at 4.30am … SBS has the call for the Australia v Germany match in Durban.

SBS Australia Television Broadcast Schedule


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Fri 11-Jun 22:00 LIVE FIFA Cup World Opening Ceremony

Sat 11-Jun 23:00 1 LIVE South Africa v Mexico

Sat 12-Jun 04:00 2 LIVE Uruguay v France

Sat 12-Jun 21:00 4 LIVE Korea Republic v Greece

Sat 12-Jun 23:30 3 LIVE Argentina v Nigeria

Sun 13-Jun 04:00 5 LIVE England v USA

Sun 13-Jun 21:00 6 LIVE Algeria v Slovenia

Sun 13-Jun 23:30 8 LIVE Serbia v Ghana

Mon 14-Jun 04:00 7 LIVE Germany v Australia

Mon 14-Jun 21:00 9 LIVE Netherlands v Denmark

Mon 14-Jun 23:30 10 LIVE Japan v Cameroon

Tues 15-Jun 04:00 11 LIVE Italy v Paraguay

Tues 15-Jun 21:00 12 LIVE New Zealand v Slovakia

Tues 15-Jun 23:30 13 LIVE Cote d’Ivoire v Portugal

Wed 16-Jun 04:00 14 LIVE Brazil v Korea DPR

Wed 16-Jun 21:00 15 LIVE Honduras v Chile

Wed 16-Jun 23:30 16 LIVE Spain v Switzerland

Thurs 17-Jun 04:00 17 LIVE South Africa v Uruguay

Thurs 17-Jun 21:00 20 LIVE Argentina v Korea Republic

Thurs 17-Jun 23:30 19 LIVE Greece v Nigeria

Fri 18-Jun 04:00 18 LIVE France v Mexico

Fri 18-Jun 21:00 21 LIVE Germany v Serbia

Fri 18-Jun 23:30 22 LIVE Slovenia v USA

Sat 19-Jun 04:00 23 LIVE England v Algeria

Sat 19-Jun 21:00 25 LIVE Netherlands v Japan

Sat 19-Jun 23:30 24 LIVE Ghana v Australia

Sun 20-Jun 04:00 26 LIVE Cameroon v Denmark

Sun 20-Jun 21:00 27 LIVE Slovakia v Paraguay

Sun 20-Jun 23:30 28 LIVE Italy v New Zealand

Mon 21-Jun 04:00 29 LIVE Brazil v Cote d’Ivoire

Mon 21-Jun 21:00 30 LIVE Portugal v Korea DPR

Mon 21-Jun 23:30 31 LIVE Chile v Switzerland

Tues 22-Jun 04:00 32 LIVE Spain v Honduras

Tues 22-Jun 23:30 33 LIVE Mexico v Uruguay

Wed 23-Jun 02:00 34 Delayed France v South Africa

Wed 23-Jun 04:00 36 LIVE Greece v Argentina

Wed 23-Jun 06:30 35 Delayed Nigeria v Korea Republic

Wed 23-Jun 23:30 37 LIVE Slovenia v England

Thurs 24-Jun 02:00 38 Delayed USA v Algeria

Thurs 24-Jun 04:00 40 LIVE Australia v Serbia

Thurs 24-Jun 06:30 39 Delayed Ghana v Germany

Thurs 24-Jun 23:30 41 LIVE Slovakia v Italy

Fri 25-Jun 02:00 42 Delayed Paraguay v New Zealand

Fri 25-Jun 04:00 44 LIVE Cameroon v Netherlands

Fri 25-Jun 06:30 43 Delayed Denmark v Japan

Fri 25-Jun 23:30 45 LIVE Portugal v Brazil

Sat 26-Jun 02:00 46 Delayed Korea DPR v Cote d’Ivoire

Sat 26-Jun 04:00 47 LIVE Chile v Spain

Sat 26-Jun 06:30 48 Delayed Switzerland v Honduras

Sat 26-Jun 23:30 49 LIVE 1A v 2B

Sun 27-Jun 04:00 50 LIVE 1C v 2D

Sun 27-Jun 23:30 51 LIVE 1D v 2C

Mon 28-Jun 04:00 52 LIVE 1B v 2A

Mon 28-Jun 23:30 53 LIVE 1E v 2F

Tues 29-Jun 04:00 54 LIVE 1G v 2H

Tues 29-Jun 23:30 55 LIVE 1F v 2E

Wed 30-Jun 04:00 56 LIVE 1H v 2G

Fri 02-Jul 23:30 57 LIVE 53 v 54

Sat 03-Jul 04:00 58 LIVE 49 v 50

Sat 03-Jul 23:30 59 LIVE 52 v 51

Sun 04-Jul 04:00 60 LIVE 55 v 56

Wed 07-Jul 04:00 61 LIVE 58 v 57

Thurs 08-Jul 04:00 62 LIVE 59 v 60

Sun 11-Jul 04:00 63 LIVE 61 (Losers) v 62 (Losers)

Mon 12-Jul 03:30 64 LIVE 61 v 62


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