Roman Abramovich SANCTIONS £35m CB Signing For Chelsea, Not John Stones

 Chelsea who are currently the defending champions of the English Premier League title have found it difficult to defend anything this season. They have consistently churned out a series of incredibly annoying and amateurish performances and it is quite obvious that the team is presently lacking in defenders of quality, especially with the ones they have getting old and running out of steam and punk.

The Blues may have been able to guard against this problem if the manager, Jose Mourinho had succeeded in his plans to bring in some young defenders who could have been easy replacements for some of the older ones at the club.

However, Mourinho messed things up and could not get Everton’s 21-year-old centre-back, John Stones and after realizing he had lost there went for PSG’s young star centre-back, Marquinhos but the bid came too late and PSG did not even have enough time to consider it. Although Mourinho rushed to sign Papy Djilobodji but he has not even featured for Chelsea this season and might not get the chance.

Mourinho also brought in Kurt Zouma who has been doing well so far but this has still not been enough to save Chelsea from embarrassing defeats even at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho has now diverted attention to Athletic Bilbao’s young French defender, Aymeric Laporte who has also been on Manchester United’s radar after breaking through at Athletic Bilbao.

His performances the in La Liga have also interested Barcelona, who are still struggling to deal with the loss of Carlos Puyol and have identified the young defender as the perfect replacement.

Jose Mourinho is however more desperate to replace John Terry who will be turning 35 in December and who will be leaving at the end of the season with a top level player.

Although,  the player might never be as perfect as Terry in his hay days. But at least, he will be a good replacement and has the potential to grow plus he is such a young player and will be in the club’s service for a long while too.

Whether Mourinho is desperate enough, January will tell. But until then, he has to make do with what he has.


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