Dutchman Claims Chelsea Has 41 Goals Striker Who Is Like Ibramovic

 Former Vitesse Arnhem and Ajax fullback Ferdi Vierklau is an admirer of Chelsea striker Solanke and he has made it known publicly.

He has clearly stated that Chelsea on-loan striker Dominic Solanke has the capabilities to be the next Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The 18-year-old striker was sent on loan to Vitesse for the 2015-16 season and the young striker has already made his impact in the Eredivisie and has scored three goals in eight appearances for his club there and this has endeared him to a lot of people.

Vierklau said about the player that, “He’s clinical. Sometimes, with impossible balls he knows how to do something beautiful from nothing.” “In that way, he is reminiscent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He’s only 18 years old and already doing so well.”

I expect he will only play one season as Chelsea will take him back and may want to loan him to an English club.

Along with Dominic Solanke, Chelsea also sent some other youth players to Vitesse.  Isaiah Brown, Nathan, Danilo Pantic and Lewis Baker have all been at the club since the beginning of the news season and they have been doing well for the club.

Vitesse captain Guram Kashia has said that he would like for them to remain at the club beyond the current season so that they can add more to their developments as players. He said, “In one year, you do not learn enough at Vitesse to make the move back to Chelsea.” “That’s what I say to the young boys: don’t leave after this season.”There is a certain vision I must learn to go along with more – that every year a large part of the team leaves while I stay is quite difficult.”Every year we have to build again.

Whether Chelsea might allow the players go back to Vitesse remains to be seen but this could really be beneficial to the players at the long run.


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