Coquelin Replace? High Rated DM Arrives In London, Set To Sign For Arsenal Ahead Of January Window

 Arsenal have seen their season tainted by injuries which have affected the team in a bad way.

The team started on a high and were joint leaders with Manchester City a few weeks ago but have seen themselves drop down the ladder after a few matches which the Gunners have not done so well in because of the injuries to the team.

The club manager, Arsene Wenger may have found the solution to these problems as he is targeting a midfielder who might be immune to injuries.

Arsenal have reportedly offered a trial to former Real Valladolid midfielder Ismail Abdul Razak.

Reports are claiming that the Ghanaian midfielder Razak’s representatives has held talks with officials at the Emirates and will undergo a trial this December to see if he can be a viable addition to the squad at the Emirates.

The reports are however suggesting that Arsenal might be willing to offer him a short-term contract which might make him a cover for the defensive midfield which is a lacking area in the squad at the moment.

This is following injuries to Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal star defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin which has left the team seriously short of his quality as the anchor of the midfield.

Razak will be a fantastic addition to the squad as he is a player who can be good enough as a defensive midfielder and might be better than Flamini and he can also cover for Arsenal in the centre-back position and if he impresses enough, he might even get a better deal.


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