Club Director Flies To Italy To Sign This £18.5M Star, Deal ALMOST DONE

 Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to be ready to sign a pitchload of players this January and has been linked to a number of fantastic players so far.

He has reportedly completed the signing of about two midfielders already but the club fans are still waiting for the announcement of the players signatures.

Wenger has however been warned off his most recent target and that is Inter Milan’s star midfielder Marcelo Brozovic.

Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini has warned off Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger from trying to sign the player as he said he would not even listen to any offers for the midfielder regardless of who was making the offer and the amount being offered.

The Croatian midfielder has been a long-time target of the French manager and the Gunners have been reportedly waiting for his move to San Siro to be made permanent before poaching him.

Mancini however said concerning the player that, “Brozovic is integrating really well.” “I think if he were to continue like this he would become one of the best ever.” “We don’t want to sell him, even in the face of a great offer. He must work, but he has incredible quality.” “No one has asked to be sold. For the moment, everything remains as it is.”

However Mancini later complicated issues when he commented on the financial fair play situation when he said, “In order to improve this team we need money, but with Financial Fair Play we can’t move.” “It seems difficult to spend a lot of money on big players.”

It remains to be seen then what decision the manager will take after all and what Arsenal will be willing to do to sign this player.


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