Chelsea has the worst defense in Premier League

Chelsea has lost again. With a score of 1-3 as a visitor with Everton. This brings the score to 12 goals received during current championship and it’s now known to have one of the worst defense from Premier League. They are located #16 in the rank chart and they only have 4 points after the 5 matches.

The team coached by Jose Murinho is not new to this type of problems, as during the two stages of the previous season Chelsea also received 4 goals with Sunderland and West Brom. This way it adds up to 16 goals received in the last 7 matches from Premier League. This is considered to be more than all the goals received in the whole ’04 – ’05 season, when Mourinho signed the deal to coach the team. In that season Chelsea received only 15 goals during the 38 matches played and it was the time when they won the champion ship with 12 points in advance from Arsenal and 18 points above Manchester United.

Things have started to look dramatic for Chelsea and now it’s definitely time for a change, as there is definitely something wrong that doesn’t work and that keeps them down. The problem might be Jose Mourinho, or it could be the team. The management is the only one that has the power to change this and it is important not to let the fans down in the future.


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