Meet Your New Favourite Football Game: Kick Darts

Imagine kicking a giant football at a darts board? Sounds like a weird dream, right? Think again…Kick Darts is one of those ideas that comes along that just makes you think “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”. Kick Darts is one of the latest sports to go viral in the UK. It is the perfect way to get people of all ages and abilities to engage with football and has been especially great for budding football enthusiasts. Thanks to Kick Darts, people who’d never even kicked a football before have been inspired to up their footy tekkers. This genius game combines football and darts, but instead of throwing a dart at a board you’re kicking a football at it – combining accuracy with power.

Where did Kick Darts begin?

Kick Darts originated when a group of football mad friends found themselves constantly playing a version of the game, but without a huge blow up dart board… It was then that they decided to develop a basic Kick Darts V1, bringing darts and football together by creating a mega huge dart board.

Kick Darts is for everyone!

There are a tonne of benefits that the game brings to the table. One of them being that there are no age requirements, meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Secondly, it can be played by anyone regardless of their footballing ability and skill. To make the game fair, a lower ability player can place the ball closer to the board, whilst a player with a higher ability can aim to score points from further away. There is no limit from how far away the ball can be kicked.

By combining the two sports it brings lovers of both sports together, whether it’s through intense competition or a fun kickabout.

Kick Darts can also be the perfect addition to your local football club – to be brought out during training as a method of keeping the youngsters engaged, or as a fun event at your next AGM. It can be enjoyed by friends and family at birthday parties or other celebratory functions. You never know, it may inspire the next David Beckham!

Once the Kick Darts craze began…

With the game becoming increasingly popular across the UK, a demand for different sized boards also began to emerge; currently there are five different sizes available.

  • The 10ft x 10ft board is perfect for younger players, and would be a great centre piece for any kid’s parties.
  • The next size up is the 12ft x 12ft board, which again may be good for younger players but with a higher skill level. It would also be good for older kids with a lower skill level.
  • The 15 x 15ft board is a popular choice for schools and leisure centres and often acts as an enabler for younger participants getting into either football or darts.
  • The most popular board type out of the range is the 18ft x 18ft, as it is a suitable size for everyone playing – regardless of skill or footballing ability.
  • And finally, there’s the 23ft x 23ft board –  this option is massive and is perfect for those looking to play with many people.

How to get started with your Kick Darts.

Setting up KickDarts may seem intimidating, but it’s not. There are six steps that you need to follow and they couldn’t be easier.

  1. Unfold the KickDarts board
  2. Close all the vents
  3. Connect the supplied air blower
  4. Inflate the KickDarts board
  5. Stand the board upright
  6. Safely tie it down
  7. Begin kicking balls at the board!

Deflating and putting away the KickDarts board is just as simple. Follow these steps for a quick and easy pack up:

  1. Untie the inflatable board
  2. Lie it flat
  3. Disconnect the provided air blower
  4. Open all the boards vents
  5. Let the air escape
  6. Fold the dartboard up
  7. Put it back in the bag

Now you know how you can pack away the KickDarts board, you’re surely wondering where you can purchase one for yourself. Well, head over to the company’s website – where you can also get any additional guidance on setting up, packing away and plenty more general information. The company offers full support from an experienced, specialist team that can help you with any questions that you may have.

Do you know of any other cool games that combine football with another sport?


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