Zouma apologies after saying to Diego Costa that he likes to cheat and that his English is not perfect

The Chelsea – Arsenal match ended up with a 2 – 0 score and at the same time Diego Costa managed to become one of the most controversial players from England at the moment, when he provoked the elimination of Gabriel from the London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal.
Kurt Zouma said that Diego Costa likes to cheat, but he soon apologized and he sustained that this is not what he meant to say while the confusion was made due to the fact that his English skills are not perfect. The defender apologies to his colleague and he said that it was all a mistake.
Zouma, who is 20 years old offered a few details from the training done at Chelsea. He’s a Brazilian from Spain who is considered to be one of the crazy person from the team and at the same time he also tends to joke a lot during the training sessions.

According to the Evening Standard Kurt Zouma said: “I spoke to Diego Costa and I told him: ‘Sorry buddy’, because I never meant to say those things. English is not my first language and I never meant to say that. This is my second year in England and my English is not perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. This time, I did it. I can’t remember exactly what I said and I wasn’t waiting to be like this. It was a mistake and I’m really sorry.”


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