World Cup Sweep

Who do you want in the World Cup office sweep? [ad#as2]

I organised a couple of office World Cup sweeps and you have to expect a few colleagues aren’t going to know a great deal about which teams are expected to do well and which ones are duds.

“Who did I get?”

“North Korea”

“Is that good?”

“umm …”

So here’s a blog to let you know if your team has got a chance in South Africa. I’ve divided the 32 teams into four groups – contenders, dreamers, groupies and “we’re just happy to be here”.

The contenders (you want one of these nations!): Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, England or Argentina. Notice they are either European or South American … that’s because no other continent boasts a World Cup champion. You’re lucky to draw one of these sides and they will likely advance out of the group stage and give you a shot of the money.

The dreamers (there’s always a dark horse that surprises the world – so don’t give up hope!): France, Mexico, USA, Ghana, Australia, Cameroon, Chile and Ivory Coast. Most of these sides will make it out of the group stage and then on the day any team is capable of beating anyone – at least that’s what they tell you.

The groupies (sorry, thanks for your money – winning isn’t everything!?!): Uruguay, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Denmark, Honduras, Nigeria. A couple of these teams will make it to the knockout stage depending on the group they are in and once there they become dreamers. You never know your luck, anything is possible – at least keep telling yourself that!

The “we’re just happy to be here” teams (our sweep has a prize for the worst performed team so it is not all bad news here!): South Korea, North Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland, Algeria, Japan, Paraguay and South Africa. Well maybe the host nation can be spurred on by its fans and do something special but I don’t give the others much hope.

Either way, grab your vuvuzela and be part of the fun … it’s going to be a great month of football.

For the record, I drew Ghana – twice! How does that happen (drop head)? There’s no chance Ghana will be the worst so for the next month I’m Ghanaian and I believe MY team can go all the way!! It’s going to be tough without Michael Essien but go Black Stars!


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