World Cup Highlights – Day 1

The DFB bloggers offer some highlights from the France, Uruguay tie.

Peter Howard: Uruguay really showed its defensive muscle in clearly frustrating the French. But the story of that match is no double Henry pleading for the handball call. Everyone in the World threw something at their TV at the moment – the French in agreement with Henry, the rest of us did so while shouting, “You have some nerve!” The final day of play in Group A on 22 June should be spectacular. [ad#as2]

Frank Finnegan: Uruguay did exactly what they set out to do against the talented and hapless French. Frustrate them at every turn, and create a chance here and there. Diego Forlan did have a couple of pretty good looks but could not convert, which is unlike him. Still, all things considered, Uruguay have to consider this a good point, especially finishing the game with 10 men. Playing the hosts South Africa in their second game, I believe they’ll catch them in a letdown game, and get the crucial win in this Group of Draws. As for Henry…the handball appeal will certainly be a memorable image from this World Cup. That takes a lot of nerve, man. I truly cannot stand to see the French playing in this World Cup – they are disorganized, petulant, childish prima donnas, and represent so much that is wrong with professional sports. Backstabbing (or front-stabbing him, right in the papers) the manager, crying about what position you want or don’t want to play. They’re unbelievable. And it’s painful for me, as an Arsenal fan, to have to view Henry in this way. In fairness to him, my issue was much more with the official and linesmen who missed the call, and with FIFA, than with him. My opinion of France on the pitch did not change at all, though. They are poor, very poor, and will not be playing in the round of 16. By the way, the no call in this case was the right call.


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