Who Will Claim the Hand of Clod Title?

While English goalkeeper Robert Green claimed the “Hand of Clod” headlines with his howler in the 1-1 draw with the US, today’s action has also seen some pretty stupid usage of the hands that has proved costly to the respective teams. Here are the nominees (so far) for the Hand of Clod title: [ad#as3]

Robert Green (Eng): Leading 1-0 England were off to good start to the 2010 World Cup until Green’s butter finger effort that allowed Clint Dempsey’s strike level the match. It was an absolute sitter! He won’t be living that one down in a hurry.

Zdravko Kuzmanovic (Srb): What was he thinking!?! With a nil-all deadlock the likely result with less than ten minutes to go, Kuzmanovic gifts Ghana a penalty and thus hands the Black Stars three points. It was clearly a handball despite the Serbian’s protests.

Abdelkader Ghezzal (Alg): Algeria was reduced to 10 men when second-half substitute Ghezzal was sent off for his second yellow card after just 15 minutes on the pitch. His second caution coming in the 73rd minute for bringing down the ball in the attacking box with his arm. Slovenia capitalised six minutes later with the lone goal of the match.

Thoughts from the DFB crew:

Ron Patel: It has to be Green. To use a cliche, my grandma could have stopped that one, and her eyesight is poor! The ball wasn’t moving, no one was in Green’s way, and it didn’t have much speed on it. Why Green didn’t get his entire body in front of the shot is beyond me. Against Mexico in a recent friendly, he was fooled on a shot but did get his body in front of it, so he was able to push the ball in front of him. Oh, and let’s make something clear – he got lucky stopping Jozy Altidore in the second half. Instead of pushing the ball to his right, he didn’t make full contact and it hit the post.

Frank Finnegan: While I’m tempted to go with Green, as his hands are his stock and trade, I’m going to go with Kuzmanovic, due to the circumstances, point in the match, etc. Down to 10 men, they just needed to hold on for a few more minutes. And it was completely inexplicable – similar to Ghezzal’s, but at least he wasn’t in the penalty area.

Peter Howard: Green garners this honour, with ease. Honestly, Dempsey should not be credited for that goal, it should go in the books as an own goal. I’m kidding, but Green is the only player here who actually put the ball in the net, albeit for the opposition. Certainly, Kuzmanovic’s play was foolish and not smart, but Ghana still had to convert the penalty. Ghezzel’s play was a stunner, but Alergia was still alive in the match, though playing a man down. Kuzmanovic and Ghezzel foolishly put their sides in difficult positions, but Green flat out gave up a goal, making his hands the worst of the lot.

Who has got your vote?

It’s only day four – will there be more?


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