Video: Bryan Carrasco Hilariously Hits Himself in Face During Dive

In what will surely go down as one of the worst attempts at a football dive in history, with his team down 1-0 Chilean footballer Bryan Carrasco grabbed his opponent Edson Montano’s arm then used it to hit himself in the face! He of course fell to the turf in hopes of drawing a card and a penalty kick. Well they got the kick but Montano wasn’t booked.

Even though this is football, if there wasn’t video evidence you wouldn’t believe it. Thankfully – and regrettably for Carrasco – there is!

The incident took play as Carrasco (ass-co!) was playing for Chile against Ecuador in an under-20 qualifying tournament in Peru. Despite Carrasco’s lame attempt at the dive which came with just 14 minutes left in the game, Ecuador still won 1-0, but the result will be remembered for other reasons.


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