Spain v Netherlands Preview – 2010 World Cup Final

Venue: Spain v Netherlands in Johannesburg [ad#as3]
Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010
Match Time: 8.30pm (local)

World Cup Final Odds –
Spain v Netherlands Odds: Spain win 11/10; draw 11/5; Netherlands win 11/4.
To lift the Cup odds: Spain 8/15; Netherlands 6/4.
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Holland v Spain Live stream

Key players – Spain: David Villa, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso.
Netherlands: Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie, Dirk Kuyt, Rafael Van Der Vaart.


Alex Michaels: Before the tournament began, I had a strong feeling it was going to be the Netherlands’ year. And just when I thought I’d finally got a chance of picking a winner, my hopes have been crushed by a psychic octopus. Yes folks, Paul, the eight-legged wonder from Oberhausen, Germany, has gone for Spain to win this one, and having correctly picked the outcome of his six previous matches so far in the tournament, who am I to argue? (Especially considering I had Spain going out in the second round against Portugal!). The poor thing even had death threats after predicting the European champions would beat the Germans in the semifinal, but he’s put any bad feelings towards paella aside and obviously likes the look of Del Bosque’s men to lift their first World Cup. Their odds will be slashed, the Dutch will be demoralised and there’s clearly no need to even play this one now. Total Football? No, the pissed-up octopus formations used in Sunday leagues around the world will now be taken seriously at last! The Oracle has spoken.

Ron Patel:The only way I can see the Netherlands winning is if they get a penalty or Spain has someone sent off. In terms footballing, there’s no comparison. Spain can retain the ball like no one else and has so many offensive threats. They were unlucky not to score at least two or three goals against Germany in the real final. The Netherlands have been very fortunate this tournament. Brazil collapsed in the quarterfinals, Uruguay was missing Luis Suarez in the semis, and the winning goal in their semi was pretty lucky. Yes, this Dutch side is more hardened and less aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll be ripped apart by Villa, Xavi, Alonso and co. 3-0 Spain. World champions for the first time, and deservedly so.

Frank Finnegan: We know we’ll have a first-time World Cup winner on Sunday’s Final, being contested between arguably the two best footballing nations to have never won a World Cup. It’s been an odd and fortuitous ride for the Dutch, who still seemingly have not played their best game yet with excellent timing and breaks, along with some outstanding individual moments, particularly from Wesley Sneijder. However, now they face a side that is probably the most difficult side in the world to play against currently in Spain. The Spanish simply don’t give up the ball. Their mesmerizing passing game lulls their opponents into dizzy frustration, and they have a wealth of scoring options, even with Fernando Torres struggling. The Dutch will need to keep Spain off the board as long as possible, and avoid picking up cards from the frustration factor. I would love to see the Netherlands pull it off, and wouldn’t say they have no chance, but the smart money is on Spain here. Villa will nick an early goal, and net another after halftime for a 2-0 lead. The Dutch will pull one back with 20-25 minutes left – we’ll go with Van Persie on that one, setting up a frantic finish, but Spain puts it away late for a 3-1 victory on a goal by Fabregas, who will celebrate by lifting his jersey to reveal a t-shirt reading “Buzz Off, Barca – Arsenal for Life!” At least, that’s what I dreamed last night…

Peter Howard: Possession will be the key to this game, and the Spanish side can dominate like few others when it comes to that. However, the Spanish need to do things to secure this win – score, and then don’t get too complacent. The Spanish would be happy to score early then pass the ball around and watch the time melt away. It’s a dangerous game, and the Dutch are explosive enough to get back into a game quickly if given the chance. Spain would be wise to score twice, because I do not see this Dutch side getting shut out. In the end, the Netherlands simply will not get enough chances late in the match to equalize, and the Spanish will win 2-1.

Greg Neville: Viva Espana! A brace from David Villa will seal Spain’s World Cup win and my double – Spain to win and Villa to claim the golden boot. With the European nations looking like zeroes after howlers from England, Italy and France, the performances of Spain, Netherlands and Germany have salvaged the Cup for the continent and made them look like heroes. This will turn out to be the continent’s finest 90 minutes with a guaranteed champion on foreign soil for the first time. Truth be old I’ll be happy for either side to win as I’m just hoping for an exciting game of football worthy of a World Cup final. Spain 2-1.


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