John Terry Can Captain Our Philanderers Team

In light of the sordid headlines published about ex-English captain John Terry and Chelsea teammate Ashley Cole, our Daily Football Bloggers have put together a squad of the unfaithful for their next ‘away’ fixture. [ad#as2]

Latest reports on the Cole saga, indicate that wife Cheryl has dumped him via a text message: “Move out. It’s over.” The Chelsea full-back could stand to lose more than his singer wife, as the London club considers disciplinary action including a hefty fine.

Alarmingly for Chelsea fans, five current players make the squad, leaving no question that the Blues skipper Terry gets the captain’s armband.

DFB’s philanderers XI in a 3-4-3 formation:
GK: Oliver Kahn
Defenders: Ashley Cole, John Terry (c), Michael Essien
Midfielders: John Barnes, Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry, David Beckham
Strikers: Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Nicolas Anelka
Subs: Matt le Tissier, Rio Ferdinand
Manager: Sven Goran Eriksson
Coach: Diego Maradona
General Manager: George Best

Kahn: Former German and Bayern Munich goalkeeper was dubbed the ‘third-class adulterer’ by his nation’s press after an affair with a 21-year-old barmaid while his wife Simone was pregnant in 2003.
Cole: Already caught cheating on singer wife Cheryl at the end of 2007, ‘Cashley’ has had naked pictures of himself sent to a model and now it appears he had been romping with an American girl during a pre-season trip to Seattle while on duty with Chelsea.
Terry: Cheated on childhood sweetheart before they got married, then did it again with former team-mate Wayne Bridge’s ex, Vanessa Perroncel – his wife’s best friend. Oh, and then tried to get a court injunction to stop it coming out in the press.
Essien: His former lover, who took him to court in Ghana claiming she was actually his wife, accused him of bedding over 50 others while they were together.
Barnes: The former Liverpool and England midfielder left his first wife Suzy for a Jamaican beauty queen in 2001 after a string of affairs.
Lampard: The England and Chelsea midfielder was seen with at least two others before splitting with his fiancée and mother-of-two Elen Rives last year.
Henry: The Frenchman doesn’t make this team for the low-act he pulled in the World Cup qualifier against Ireland, but a cheat is a cheat. The striker makes the team because he reportedly cheated before splitting with his English wife Claire. Dirty text messages sent to make-up artist Sadie Hewlett cost the former Gunner an £8 million divorce.
Beckham: Who can forget the media frenzy surrounding Becks and Rebecca Loos, dubbed the ‘sleazy senorita’ from management company SFX? The two hooked up while Goldenballs was at Real Madrid in 2004. But unlike most of his teammates here, the LA Galaxy and Real Madrid midfielder stayed with his wife Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham and the celebrity couple are today’s model football.
Ronaldo: The Brazilian World Cup winner thought he was taking two young ladies back to his hotel room in 2008, only to discover they were a pair of transvestite prostitutes. Footage was then posted on YouTube by one of them – although blackmail was denied!
Rooney: The Manchester United striker was unfaithful to then fiancée Coleen McLoughlin in 2004. The teenage sensation admitted he was “young and stupid” to visit massage parlours and prostitutes.
Anelka: The French and Chelsea forward reportedly texted his secret lover on his wedding day in 2008. He reportedly had a four-month affair with shop girl Natalie Merriman prior to marrying Barbara Tausia.
Le Tissier: Ex-Southampton star Le Tissier had an affair with Aussie soap star Emily Symons before getting divorced to mother-of-two Cathy in 1997.
Ferdinand: Dancing with a model on his stag night in Tel Aviv doesn’t get you into this team but the Manchester United defender and new English captain can warm the pine.
Eriksson: Sven was a classic love-rat while in charge of England. The Swede bedded at least two other women when he was with long-term girlfriend Nancy Dell’Ollio.
Maradona: The Argentinean was in rehab for drink, drugs and sex addictions, so who better to mentor this group on scandalous acts.
Best: In his own words: “I used to go missing a lot – Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World…”

Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment to let us know and help us name the team. Do you like Philanderers XI? Perhaps Sex Addicts United, Unfaithful FC or Cheaters City?


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