It’s Us Few Against the Big Four

I’ve always cheered for the underdog. [ad#as2]

Hence I’ve taken great delight in Everton’s wins over table-toppers Chelsea and Manchester United in the last two weeks. But it’s more than the joy of my team upsetting the English Premier League heavyweights as they chase the premiership title.

Now, it’s personal.

My father-in-law is a diehard Manchester United supporter.


Man U games are always a good conversation starter but I haven’t heard from him this week. (That’s going to cost me, I know … but so much fun, it’s worth it) The Toffees proved their 2-1 win over league leaders Chelsea was no fluke with a great performance against the Red Devils and thus delivering a powerful 1-2 combination to the frontrunners.

I should also mention, my sister-in-law is a Chelsea fan.

Now to complete the set, my mother-in-law is an Arsenal supporter and my brother-in-law follows Liverpool. I’ve never liked the Big Four but now a family rivalry depends on their demise.

My wife, a daddy’s girl, follows Man U as well. Wouldn’t it be great if I could get her to support Manchester City, another team I love to hate (moreso when they poached Lescott).

And I get the rest.

If eighth-placed Everton, the last team to break up the top four in 2005, can’t make up the eight points to reach top four it would be good to see the likes of Tottenham or Aston Villa up there at season end.

I’ve got a soft spot for Tottenham and Harry Redknapp’s boys are having a good season. They’ve been there-abouts but have really got their act together this year.

Only one point separates No.4 Spurs and No.7 Villa with the dreaded Liverpool and Manchester City sandwiched in the middle.

As exciting as the premiership race will be, the contest for the four Champions League berths will be equally as competitive.

EPL fans should jump off the Big Four bandwagons and support the battlers.

Go Toffees!
Go Spurs!
Go Villans!


  1. Greg Neville 24th February 2010
  2. greg neville's liverpool supporting relative 24th February 2010

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