A World Cup Companion

Do you want to stay on top of everything happening in South Africa, even while at your desk on another continent? No problem! We’ve scanned the web for as much information as possible, and below are a few links to help you out as you watch World Cup. [ad#as3]

Marca, the Spanish newspaper, has compiled the greatest schedule anyone could ask for. Simply put your mouse over a nation, a venue, a group or a date, and you’ll get all the information you could possibly need. http://www.marca.com/deporte/futbol/mundial/sudafrica-2010/calendario-english.html

So many teams! These groups! Matches, matches, matches! All those scores! How in the world can you keep up? The folks over at exceltemplates.net (yup, there really is such a thing) have come to the rescue. Download this Excel document, and as you enter the Group Stage scores, the standings automatically update. No stone was left unturned, as this program also will quickly show you goal differential. http://exceltemplate.net/sports/world-cup-2010-schedule-and-scoresheet/

Seriously, are they handing these things out at the airports in South Africa? Lord knows the sound these things make will be cause to hit the mute button during some of the less compelling Group Stage matches. Nevertheless, you secretly want to be that guy in your town who shows up at the pub with one! Look no further – you can do your vuvuzela shopping here: Get your Vuvzela at WorldSoccerShop

More than 3 million tickets have been sold to World Cup 2010. However, that’s a mere drop in the bucket in terms of how many people will be watching worldwide. With such a rapt television audience, the advertising agencies have perked up, and the wallets from corporations all over have been opened for not only a big ad buy, but also a sizable production cost. Our very own Greg Neville has scoured the web to find the best of the best for the 2010 adverts. https://www.dailyfootballblog.com/world-cup-ads-keep-us-entertained/510.php

OK, seriously, if you can’t stumble into a website streaming these matches, you really are not trying. We’re staying out of this one. So much geo-blocking, etc. It’s too hard to give the best information to each of you from our growing worldwide audience. And for the record, we really appreciate you coming here for your World Cup information and entertainment — Thanks! Click here for streaming options.

Obviously, there are times when the real deal is what you’re after. When it comes to World Cup, FIFA is the one stop shop for anything you might need. Scores, gear, tickets, photos, videos, stories – it’s all here. http://fifa.com

You’re in the right place! Look, if we were any good, we’d be playing in South Africa the next few weeks. Sadly, we weren’t gifted with certain necessary athletic genes. We were blessed with opinions, wit, and a moderate football IQ. Come back often during World Cup, and don’t hesitate to let us know how wrong you think we are by leaving your comments. https://www.dailyfootballblog.com


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