Contracts and Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris

There are facts and there is speculation, the latter of which applies to the claim that Harry Kane has placed talks on hold over a new contract with Spurs. The fact is that Kane signed a new contract 18 months ago, that still has 3 and a half years to run. The fact is that Kane is already one of Tottenham’s highest paid players. The facts are that Kane has repeatedly stated his desire to stay at his boyhood club for the duration of his career. The facts are that it is going to be very difficult for any rival to prise Harry Kane away.

Tottenham have shown in recent times that they are willing to reward players who deserve to have their contracts upgraded. Impressive performances on the pitch will see this happen. 6 first team players in fact were signed to new deals in September. So given Kane has only just returned from a significant injury lay off, perhaps this aspect plays a role in the club’s reluctance to open talks over an improved deal. Yet at the same time, it was incredibly evident during his absence as to just how valuable a commodity he really is.

There is no doubt that Kane could effectively write his own ticket should the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid come calling. If they haven’t already. And this is where Daniel Levy does indeed need to be careful when it comes to the wage structure. There is surely only so many tens of thousands of dollars per week that someone needs, but also only so many one can turn down. It is said that every man has his price, and the loyalty and love Kane shows for the club will only go so far.

This is a different Tottenham though than of years gone by. The overwhelming evidence suggests that there is no need for alarm for Spurs fans right now; that Kane isn’t going anywhere any time soon. There is really no factual information to suggest that the striker is either unhappy with his current wage, pushing hard for a massive increase, or unhappy with any aspect of the club’s dealings. There is every chance that he will indeed be rewarded with a new deal, once both he and the club are ready.

Whilst the focus seems to be mostly on Kane, of greater concern perhaps should be the situation regarding Hugo Lloris. Lloris and Kane are the bookends of this team. They are clearly the club’s two most important and possibly also their best players. Whilst Lloris is the captain and highest paid at Spurs, he has in the past made no secret of his desire to be challenging for titles and playing in the Champions League. So if Spurs are unable to resolve their goal scoring troubles and are unable to make their way back into the Premier League top 4, it could very well be he who is more likely on the move. And there would surely be no shortage of suitors for one of the few truly world-class goal keepers in Europe. Lloris’ current deal runs until 2019, so Spurs would surely want to have his situation resolved by the end of this season.

We’ve seen that Levy is loathe to let contracts run down below two years, and there is still so much time before Lloris and particularly Kane reach that point. Thus, both the players and club still have significant security, and the club have leverage and options should the unthinkable happen and either player wishes to depart. The facts are that Kane loves Tottenham and Lloris is the captain of a side that is fulfilling his hopes, and Kane’s boyhood dreams. Let’s hope things stay that way.


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