No Action against Fellaini and Manchester United

 A lucky escape for both Marouane Fellaini and Manchester United as UEFA decide not to take action against them. Despite a lot of buzzing going around, UEFA officials didn’t mention any of such incidents in their report which reveals that they have decided not to ban or fine them.

Marouane Fellaini was accused of hitting Liverpool player, Emre Can, deliberately with an elbow in their 2-0 defeat against Liverpool last Thursday. Manchester United were 2-0 down when Fellaini collided when Emre Can, it seemed like they exchanged some words after which Fellaini put his elbow right in Can’s face in very dying moments of the match. But from UEFA’S report it is pretty much clear that they are not going to take any action against Fellaini.

Not only Fellaini-Can incident was ignored by UEFA but also Manchester United was given green signal from their case as well. United fans were chanting offensive about the Hillsborough disaster during the same United-Liverpool Europa League clash.

Ninety-six Liverpool supporters lost their lives while 766 were left injured in Hillsborough disaster due to stampede during the match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forrest in 1989. Liverpool slogan “You’ll never walk alone” is also in the memory of those people.

Despite these serious allegations put on Mnachester United and Fellaini, no action was taken against them, which may result in serious cold war among fans and Ex-players. It would be interesting to see how both sets of fans will behave in their 2nd leg encounter this Thursday at Old Trafford.


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