Jurgen Klopp BLASTS Liverpool Players, Demands For Commitment

 2Liverpool eked out a 0-0 draw versus Tottenham in Saturday’s lunchtime kick-off in what was boss Jürgen Klopp’s first game in charge of the Reds. While Spurs appeared to be the better team, Liverpool can take enough positives out of the encounter.

However, Klopp has hinted he needs more from his players especially the attack-minded ones. The former Borussia Dortmund manager singled out Brazilian play-maker Coutinho and England international Adam Lallana for improvement.

“We don’t have to sprinkle magical dust on them: ‘and now you can play football’,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“They know how to play. We just have to create a situation where it is possible to do this.”

“I am not sure how many games you saw like this from Adam Lallana? I know him from Southampton and he can do 20-30 per cent more.

“Philippe Coutinho? Do you not think he can play better football than today? Of course he can.

“Lucas? You don’t think he can play balls on the right and left side? Of course he can. Emre Can? Learning between running and passing. He can learn.

“Milner? The complete football player. The perfect professional. [You think] I should teach them technical aspects? They know. We have to altogether help them show it.”

Klopp’s comments is, however, absorbing considering it was the defence and goalkeeper Simon Mignolet who were outstanding on that day, as Milner clearly struggled at Whitee Hart Lane.


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