Wenger: It is difficult to make Arsenal fans happy

 The popular French manager, Arsene Wenger, has put it out there saying that he understands Arsenal fans and he can stand with their expectations on their forthcoming FA Cup quarter-final match against Watford on Sunday
According to the team’s manager, Arsene Wenger, the inexorable thirst for a win as shown by the Gunner’s fans is quite overwhelming. Wenger indicates that Arsenal’s accomplishments never seem to be enough.

In the premier league, Arsenal is in the third position after their 16th round in the Champions League not forgetting how close they actually are to taking the FA Cup home the third successive time.

Despite Arsenal’s recent result, which turned out to be pretty amazing this time round, the French manager remains highly likely to end his long-term tenure as Arsenal’s longest serving manager crying while the team’s fans and supporters left unhappy due to the club’s domestic arrangement!

Ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final tie with Watford, Wenger told reporters about Arsenal saying that, “It’s never enough,” he added, “As long as you don’t win everything, it’s never enough.”

Wenger surely seemed frustrated when he was reported saying, “When we didn’t win anything, they said, ‘You didn’t even win the FA Cup’. It is clear that people always want more. In their continuing conversation with the reporters, he said, “But, if you look at the history of Arsenal, we are a club who’s won the cup more than anybody else. We’ve won it 12 times. And I have won it six times with my team.”

The French manager, Arsene Wenger understands the expectations of the modern day supporters and claims that he will go on striving for success in all their forthcoming matches. He added: “We have to live with exaggerations and I can do that.” “I have an affinity with Wembley. When you are at Wembley, and you see the crowd coming in red and white – it’s a special day in the English culture.

According to Wenger, it is evident that “Wembley has a special resonance.”


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