Upcoming: Arsenal vs Barcelona Clash

 Arsenal and Barcelona will be facing each other for Champions League Round of 16 on Wednesday 24th of February at Emirates Stadium. Mark your calendars, since this is the game we all really love to watch.

The clubs will be playing each other after 5 years. They met back in 2011 where Arsenal lost on 4-3 aggregate. They won the first leg but failed to repeat the performance in the second leg. Statistically, Arsenal has been unsuccessful against Barcelona in the Champions League clashes where they even lost a quarter final and a final against Barcelona in 2010and 2006 respectively.

But this year, Arsenal is definitely closing the gap in quality between themselves and 5 times Champions League winners. The English club has changed its style of play, utilizing the skills of Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Grioud and Mesut Ozil. Barca is still very strong but chances aren’t that bleak for Arsenal.

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea boss, Carlo Ancelotti also believes that Arsenal may have a bad-reputed history against the club but this time the results could be a little different. He explained, “Arsene Wenger has changed their style of play, they’re playing more on the counterattack, using the skills of their strikers – Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez.” He continued to add, “Maybe they’ve closed the gap but Barcelona are really strong.”

Only time can tell if Gunners have really improved enough to finally defeat Barcelona this year.


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