Leicester City: The Rising Champions?

Leicester City has stunned the football fans with another win. This time they made it against Manchester City.

The foxes had already beaten Tottenham at White Hart Line but their recent win against their nearest rivals has put them clear 6 points ahead of Man City and 5 points ahead of Tottenham. They have managed to pick up 28 points on their travels and with their solid defence, another win with mandatory.

Leicester City put on a great display; with 7 clear shots on target and a well-organized defence. They denied Manchester City’s every effort to score while the Blues seemed nervy when the visitors came forward.

Many have already started to wonder, can the Foxes really win the title? They have showed some amazing performances but are they good enough to be crowned as the champions? Throughout the season, critics have claimed that Leicester will soon take their fall. They weren’t expected to maintain their form but somehow, with only 13 matchdays to go, they remain at the top of the league. The foxes have lost only 2 games out of 25, and this isn’t just a “good start.” It marks consistency, a quality required to be the champions.

Arsenal is the next team to face; they’ve already lost against Arsenal once and now only time can tell if Arsenal will the club to catch the foxes. They still have to face Manchester United and Chelsea but previously they didn’t crumble against these teams. A repeat will certainly be a move ahead to the title.

This is what we love about the Premier League! A rollercoaster ride until the end; anything could happen but certainly Leicester can’t be discounted.


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