Didier Drogba Reveals Malaria Bug

Chelsea’s star striker Didier Drogba has apparently been inflicted with a case of Malaria, he says.

Drogba underwent tests on Monday which confirmed the energy-sapping ailment.

Because of the disease, Drogba said he had to change his on-field tactics in order to maximize his energy for the team’s best result.

“When you don’t know exactly what it is and it’s not treated it can come and go, and you have some weeks when the fever can be high, so that’s what I had, but now it will be better,” the 32-year-old said. “Unfortunately we only found out [on Monday] it was malaria, but it was for a month now. Now we know exactly what it is so we can go forward.”

Drogba suffered from Malaria as a teenager.

Chelsea head Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Drogba will be in the lineup against Fulham today.


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