Chelsea Coach: I’m Not Thinking of Working Elsewhere

 The 69 year old manager agrees that he is enjoying and relishing his time with the Blues but maintains that he will be retiring from coaching at the end of this season.

Guus Hiddink joined Stamford Bridge for the second time after Jose Mourinho left Chelsea. He helped the club gain some solidity and suffered his first defeat of the season against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Although Chelsea is struggling with their Premier League rankings this season, the manager agrees that he feels great at the club. He told the reporters, “I feel fit, I feel fresh and, every morning, I go with a smile. Although we have a difficult time when there’s a loss, I love to go to Cobham, to the training field, so I feel fresh.” He continued by saying how he wanted young people to take over, “On the other hand, young people must take over and I must retreat a bit. I will visit Chelsea often next season but I’m not thinking of working elsewhere.”

Despite Guus Hiddink’s strong statement about his departure, Chelsea midfielder, Oscar is quite optimistic about Hiddink’s stay. He believes that despite the comments, the manager might decide to stay after all. According to the midfielder, he has changed the atmosphere of the club with his positivity and has had a “positive influence” since joining.

Oscar’s statement may sound delusional after the manager’s statement but there is a possibility that Hiddink might decide to stay a little longer due to his popularity at the club.


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