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Meet Your New Favourite Football Game: Kick Darts

Imagine kicking a giant football at a darts board? Sounds like a weird dream, right? Think again…Kick Darts is one of those ideas that comes along that just makes you think “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”. Kick Darts is one of the latest sports to go viral in the UK. It is the perfect way to get people of all ages and abilities to engage with football and has been especially great for budding football enthusiasts. Thanks to Kick Darts, people who’d never even kicked a football before have been inspired to up their footy tekkers. This genius game combines football and darts, but instead of throwing a dart at a board you’re kicking a football at it – combining accuracy with power.

Where did Kick Darts begin?

Kick Darts originated when a group of football mad friends found themselves constantly playing a version of the game, but without a huge blow up dart board… It was then that they decided to develop a basic Kick Darts V1, bringing darts and football together by creating a mega huge dart board.

Kick Darts is for everyone!

There are a tonne of benefits that the game brings to the table. One of them being that there are no age requirements, meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Secondly, it can be played by anyone regardless of their footballing ability and skill. To make the game fair, a lower ability player can place the ball closer to the board, whilst a player with a higher ability can aim to score points from further away. There is no limit from how far away the ball can be kicked.

By combining the two sports it brings lovers of both sports together, whether it’s through intense competition or a fun kickabout.

Kick Darts can also be the perfect addition to your local football club – to be brought out during training as a method of keeping the youngsters engaged, or as a fun event at your next AGM. It can be enjoyed by friends and family at birthday parties or other celebratory functions. You never know, it may inspire the next David Beckham!

Once the Kick Darts craze began…

With the game becoming increasingly popular across the UK, a demand for different sized boards also began to emerge; currently there are five different sizes available.

  • The 10ft x 10ft board is perfect for younger players, and would be a great centre piece for any kid’s parties.
  • The next size up is the 12ft x 12ft board, which again may be good for younger players but with a higher skill level. It would also be good for older kids with a lower skill level.
  • The 15 x 15ft board is a popular choice for schools and leisure centres and often acts as an enabler for younger participants getting into either football or darts.
  • The most popular board type out of the range is the 18ft x 18ft, as it is a suitable size for everyone playing – regardless of skill or footballing ability.
  • And finally, there’s the 23ft x 23ft board –  this option is massive and is perfect for those looking to play with many people.

How to get started with your Kick Darts.

Setting up KickDarts may seem intimidating, but it’s not. There are six steps that you need to follow and they couldn’t be easier.

  1. Unfold the KickDarts board
  2. Close all the vents
  3. Connect the supplied air blower
  4. Inflate the KickDarts board
  5. Stand the board upright
  6. Safely tie it down
  7. Begin kicking balls at the board!

Deflating and putting away the KickDarts board is just as simple. Follow these steps for a quick and easy pack up:

  1. Untie the inflatable board
  2. Lie it flat
  3. Disconnect the provided air blower
  4. Open all the boards vents
  5. Let the air escape
  6. Fold the dartboard up
  7. Put it back in the bag

Now you know how you can pack away the KickDarts board, you’re surely wondering where you can purchase one for yourself. Well, head over to the company’s website – where you can also get any additional guidance on setting up, packing away and plenty more general information. The company offers full support from an experienced, specialist team that can help you with any questions that you may have.

Do you know of any other cool games that combine football with another sport?

Conte and Hazard make difference for Chelsea

What a difference a season makes. What a difference a month makes. Chelsea’s 5-0 demolition of Everton is comfortably the best performance of any team this season. The complete performance. They are top of the league and in this sort of form will stay there. Their sheer brilliance was frightening. The ruthless skill and finishing of Liverpool combined with the miserly defence of Tottenham, and the midfield brilliance and creativity of Arsenal. They have all bases covered. At this moment they are the team to beat for the Premier League title. And that is going to take some doing.

What a difference a world class player makes. Eden Hazard is back to the player of two years ago, if not an upgraded version of himself. In combination with the (almost) equally impressive Pedro, the magic of his passing and the brilliance of his trickery is poetry in motion. The Belgian in this form is one of the best in the world, let alone the Premier League. So damaging and influential, the second coming of his desire to play football and of his impact on the game is breathtaking. And great for the game, to see such quality returned.

What a difference a manager makes. The contrast between Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho is staggering. The Chelsea players have bought in to the method and game plan that Conte is selling. While Mourinho continues to seemingly persecute and distance himself from his own team, Conte shows the benefit of having belief in your side, giving them the confidence to play and a plan that makes sense. The trust between manager and players is so important, and Conte has both restored that aspect and renewed Chelsea to such a point that is faster than could possibly have been expected.

What a difference a Spanish maestro makes. Pedro is back to the threat of the halcyon Barcelona days, and looks very much a Barcelona-quality player. His teammates too seem more in tune with him in a role further forward than last season. Such a clever player that can both score and set up (most assists in the Premier League along with Kevin de Bruyne) in equal measure. A bit part player in his first season and now a crucial component to Chelsea’s run of success. Remember Willian? The only shining light from 2015/16 is now kept out of the starting line up. It seems harsh on the Brazilian, but this alone is a measure of the influence of Pedro and how far Chelsea have progressed.

What a difference a quality defender makes. Yes, David Luiz is that defender. His passing out of the back third outstanding, and he too shows a hunger and desire to prove the doubters wrong. And prove his love for the club. In a team of such brilliance, he is the ideal player to have feeding the midfield in amongst a back three. A shaky start he may have made in his return to the club, but now firmly established as a shrewd signing.

What a difference a dominant striker makes. Diego Costa is the ultimate finisher, and could finish his way to over 30 goals in the league. He is the epitome of the change in mindset and style under Conte. No longer appearing angry, and on the brink of a sending-off. Instead he looks feisty, which is Costa at his best, but negotiates his way through opponents with such artistic dribbling ability. Rather than fighting them off. And he just puts away goals so effortlessly.

Chelsea will no doubt be tested more than they were by Everton. Yet if they continue to play with such authority and brilliance, it’s unlikely that anyone else will get near them. What a turn around in fortune from an entire squad, led by Conte and with Hazard, Pedro, Luiz and Costa at the forefront from a playing perspective. It’s looking more and more likely that this, almost identical line-up, will prove last term as nothing but a Mourinho-inspired aberration.

Tottenham: Toby Alderweireld to Miss Bayer Leverkusen Clash 

When Toby Alderweireld took a knock two weeks ago, he probably didn’t expect the incident to have such a drastic impact on his immediate future. However, it looks like his situation has gone from bad to worse, and is likely to affect soccer lines for his club and country.

Toby is hardly the most replaceable of players in the league. If you haven’t heard of him, then you probably haven’t seen Tottenham play because Toby is an integral part of that team; and the fact that he might be sidelined for quite a while should worry Tottenham fans.

The knock itself didn’t look too serious at the time. Toby sustained it during the game against West Brom a fortnight ago, and it soon evolved into a much larger problem. Tottenham drew 1-1 against West Brom that day.

There was no reason to believe that Toby wouldn’t be back in action soon after, especially if he immediately partook in the necessary rehabilitation activities. However, ever since the West Brom game, Toby hasn’t played a game with Tottenham.

And it would be easy to brush that fact aside as some unexplainable anomaly, except that Toby hasn’t even made an appearance in ball training since sustaining his injury. That is the sort of news that fans should panic about because it means that Toby’s injuries are far more serious than expected.

For all intent and purpose, it looks like Toby is set to miss the Champions League tie against Bayer Leverkusen; and if you didn’t know, that is one of Tottenham’s more important games in the near future.

Tottenham cannot afford to go into the game without Toby, not in their present state, and yet it seems like they will have little choice in the matter. And if that wasn’t enough, the chances of Toby making an appearance for the North London Derby are extremely low, which is another blow for Tottenham fans.

Toby is probably prioritizing recovery from his knee injury at the moment, though the impact of his absence on his team cannot be lost on him. After all, Tottenham has failed to win a game ever since he sustained his injury.

So clearly Tottenham cannot do without him; their German opponents are going to pose an especially difficult challenge on WednesdayNight. And no Tottenham fan has much hope for a positive outcome.

It should also be noted that the former Southampton Center Back is unlikely to recover in time to participate in Belgium’s upcoming international games either; some fans are holding onto hope that November 6th might find Toby fit and ready for the game against Arsenal.

That hope is born from the fact that Tottenham hasn’t officially ruled him out for the game; however, that doesn’t mean much. No one expects Toby to be available for the game.

At the moment Toby can take comfort in the fact that his scans came back revealing no ligament damage; however, he could have damaged a nerve.

Toby is currently one of the EPL’s best defenders and he has proven as much ever since he left Atletico for Spurs in 2015. The absence of star striker Harry Kane (ankle injury) has already debilitated the team’s offense, and stand-in Striker Vincent Janssen is hardly an adequate replacement.

Toby’s absence will be sorely felt.

A Rather Alternative Reality

In alternative reality, Wayne Rooney returns to Everton in the January transfer window. Rather than heading to China. In an alternative reality, Sergio Aguero is signed by Tottenham. Rather than Pochettino persisting with one recognised striker. In an alternative reality, Spurs score from open play. Rather than finally conceding from it in the Premier League. In this alternative reality, England win the World Cup with Rooney as Captain. Rather, and sadly, this alternative reality does not and will not exist.


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